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57 Francis Avenue

October 8, 1946

Dear Dr. Velikovsky:

Will you forgive my delay in thanking you for your letter of September 19, and for a copy of your “Theses for the Reconstruction of Ancient History.”

I am delighted to have your views so clearly and compactly presented, although I would prefer by far to have your complete argument as given in your book—which I hope will be printed. Although it is difficult for me to cast off the views and dates of ancient history on which I have been brought up, I admit that some of your arguments have greatly perplexed me. I readily admit that, on the basis of your book, some competent ancient historian should test anew the basis of our current chronology in the light of your arguments. I do not feel competent for such a task, having my hands full with Biblical studies. I do not know Dr. Pogo personally, and I do not believe he is at Harvard. I believe he helps George Sarton of Harvard edit ISIS.

With all good wishes,Yours faithfully,

Robert H. Pfeiffer

The N. Y. Tribune cliping is returned with thanks. You may have need of it.