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September 19, 1946

Professor Robert H. Pfeiffer
57 Francis Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Dear Professor Pfeiffer,

The last few years I worked on the history of cataclysms and did not make many efforts to find a publisher for my Reconstruction. Lately a friend of mine suggested Houghton Mifflin Co., the publisher of a number of his books. You repeatedly expressed your opinion that my Ms. ought to be printed, whether I am right or wrong. I would like, if possible, [to] hear your opinion whether I should apply to H. Mifflin, as intended, and whether I can count on your support, if I shall mention your name.

Last spring I printed “Theses” of my Reconstruction; I merely gave a scheme and enumerated the new points I elaborated in my work, and did not include any proofs; therefore I do not known whether these Theses are suited for a review or discussion, or are they? I send you a copy.

I wonder if during the years that passed since you first read my “Ages in Chaos” you came across facts which let you think of my theory.

I enclose also a clipping—N.Y. Herald Tribute of August 11, with an article of their Science Editor. I think that Dr. Pogo of Harvard who worked on Mayan calendar, Egyptian astronomy and spectrogram of planets, is close to the field of research presented in my cosmological work. Do you know him? Exploring the historical cataclysms, the catastrophe at the end of the Middle Kingdom being one of them, I come into conflicts with some established notions of cosmologists who usually do not use historical material.

Very sincerely yours,

[Immanuel Velikovsky]

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