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Copy for Dr. I. Velikovsky



Summer Address:
Route 1
Westport, Connecticut

57 Francis Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts

July 12, 1944

Mr. H. T. Hatcher
Trade Editor
Oxford University Press
New York City

Dear Mr. Hatcher:

Thank you for your letter of the 7th, concerning the book of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky on the chronological disorder which he has discovered in our present notions about ancient history.

For a number of reasons I would suggest that the manuscript be submitted for an opinion to other scholars: 1. I have already read most of the manuscript. 2. I have made some suggestions for its revision. 3. I am already in a position to give you my opinion, for whatever it is worth. 4. I do not consider myself a specialist in that field.

My opinion, in brief, is as follows. The conclusions of Dr. Velikovsky are simply revolutionary: they lead to a complete revision of our chronology of Egyptian and Near Eastern history before Cyrus King of Persia. Unquestionably the arguments of Dr. Velikovsky deserve serious consideration and are often very strong. Moreover his new chronology solves some problems and clarifies some obscurities which have thus far remained puzzling. On the other hand, I am at present unable to accept these conclusions, possibly because the standard views have been so inextricably and so long at the basis of my thinking and of my research. My present opinion is that the chances that Dr. Velikovsky is right are about 10 per cent, but I admit I am prejudiced and I am eager to see his book published: it should prove to be not only sensational, but also stimulating to historians.

If you allow me to suggest other readers for this manuscript, I would name:

Professor William F. Albright, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore 18, Maryland
Prof. Albert T. Olmstead, University of Chicago, 5758 Blackstone Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

With kind regards


Yours faithfully,

  Robert H. Pfeiffer

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