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Cambridge, Massachusetts
August 24, 1942

Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky
New York City

Dear Dr. Velikovsky:-

Thank you for your letter of the 18th (with enclosures), which was forwarded to me here in the country (Route 1, Westport, Conn.), where I shall be until September 20.

I am delighted to hear that you have made some progress in the plans for the publication of your revolutionary reconstruction of ancient history and chronology. I sincerely hope that some University Press or reputable publisher will accept your manuscript for publication. I regard your work—provocative as it is—of fundamental importance, whether its conclusions are accepted by competent scholars or whether it forces them to a far-reaching and searching reconsideration of the accepted ancient chronology.

I have read with much interest your discussion of some topics in the history of ancient art, and I believe this phase of the question should receive some attention in your volume. Comparative tables, such as the one you have sent on the battle of Kadesh-Carchemish, would be of great value to the reader, in making some matters clear at a glance.

You may rest assured that I shall regard the contents of the manuscripts which you have allowed me to see, as strictly confidential until the volume is published.

With my kindest regards,

Yours very sincerely,

  Robert H. Pfeiffer

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