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Christoph Marx
Schulstrasse 17
CH - 4436 Oberdorf

January 22, 1980

Tel. 061 97 91 88

Prof. Lynn E. Rose
Department of Philosophy
State University of New York
Buffalo, N.Y. 14260
U. S. A.

Dear Lynn,

when you came down from Buffalo to meet at Velikovsky’s house it was his expressed understanding that you would be responsible for his literary estate, and that I should look after his rights in all non-English speaking areas. Arrangements were to be made about some particular areas, I received some special instructions about proceeds from Germany, 15-5 % of new royalties in my area, and $ 1000.- closing the deal. We were aware that neither his wife nor her daughter were pleased with these decisions, and I was told why. A year later I had a personal letter from Ms Velikovsky to the effect that she was going to change all this, and I’ll be glad to send you a copy. One and a half years after that Velikovsky after more than two years sent me a note originating from his own hand, canceling my authority to contract new publishers; you are welcome to a copy of that, too. I withdrew with as fair a compensation as possible, and I’m satisfied that you have kept your own original responsibility. And I’m indeed satisfied that agreements in the German and Dutch language areas are standing, books now and in future being printed and distributed.

(2) If I expect anybody in the States to be aware of my activities, it certainly is you. And if I wish not to draw anybody into the silly fight with the family, it certainly is you.

(3) I gave Holocaust as one of several examples of collective irrational behavior, which according to Velikovsky is a product of collective amnesia. To say he looked on Holocaust as an example of rational collective or individual behavior would therefore be an act of deliberate misrepresentation. Your taking exception to this point is very surprising to me.

(4) From checking though the sources for the translations I have quite a number of little corrections, especially to footnotes, on the English editions. Velikovsky promised me some corrections on Seevölker; how do we proceed?

(5) I was going to pilot the parting up of Ages I into two volumes: are you willing to coordinate and make editions identical?

As you say, Lynn, the party’s over—and I’m glad for it, because I don’t really like parties; so lets tackle the real issues. Please.



PS: I would very much like to see you in Iceland.

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