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August 15, 1979

Dear Mr. Marx:

Please transfer money due me to my account at the First National Bank of Princeton. Please forward all accounting. Please inform me immediately by cable that you did not sign any other contracts besides Umschau and Holland.

I suggest to bring order into the situation, namely, that you put in writing that you will inform me of negotiations from the start, and that you will send any proposed contract to me and wait for my approval and written authorization. Otherwise, I have no alternative but to immediately follow my lawyer’s advice and revoke any authority which may have existed between you and me to negotiate book publishing contracts.

Kindly respond promptly to the above requests, at which time I will cite to you errors in translation, map, etc. in Seevölker, and enumerate to you other grievances in an effort to avoid further mistakes. First, however, before we can continue any further dialogue I expect the money transferred to my Princeton account, a cable as requested, an accounting and a written statement signed by you as requested.


Im. Velikovsky