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Christoph Marx
Schulstrasse 17
CH - 4436 Oberdorf

July 9, 1979

Tel. 061 97 91 88

Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky
78 Hartley Avenue
Princeton, N.J. 08540

Dear Velikovsky,

you will forgive my calming down for a few days after having read the latest telegram on my return from Frankfurt. By such messages I am feeling to be confronted with problems that I cannot solve by adhering to cabled instructions—an unprovided for way of correspondence. Will you please write! And at the same time explain, why “damaging”? Why “interference”? Or why should I suddenly require your signature to contracts made under our standing agreement? Long ago Jan and even Ms Velikovsky were raising such reproaches, but with never an explanation. The last word in the matter was, about one and a half years ago, that I would stick to what we mutually agreed on.

On the other hand, I have here quite a basket full of expectations see my correspondence for some about which I have queried repeatedly which will have to be discussed, once I hear from you. To be responsible for and meet your requirements implied or otherwise I enjoy even without the support I’m still expecting: we shall, however, have to consider a counterbalance

Ramses is now ready for the makeup, and I’ll therefore perhaps be able to take a few days off. Meanwhile I expect there’ll be some news from you.

With friendly regards, yours


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