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June 28, 1979


Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky
78 Hartley Avenue
Princeton, N.J. 08540

Dear Velikovsky,

I promised to send the Dutch contract, and here it is. It is similar to the German one, along the lines of WiC and EiU which you have through Doubleday. From Ms Kerkhof I have a letter certifying the translation, which is also incorporating the corrections from Die Seevölker (about which I wrote at the time), and it also includes “Pitfalls” as an addition to the appendix. I’m sending you a copy by separate mail; instruct me if you need more or wish to have some sent to particular people. I’m including a statement of Mr. Kluwer’s sales up to the beginning of this year.

In the nick of time I had the chance to check through the translation of Velikovsky Affair, which Goldmann will publish in October. They are calling it Immanuel Velikovsky: Die Theorie der kosmischen Katastrophen, a title I do not feel to be quite correct, but to which I have raised no objections. However, the translation was very uncarefully made, e.g. original German texts having been retranslated—for simplicity’s sake!—from the English. They’ve accepted all corrections, though, and if there’s time I may perhaps add a short piece about the affair in the German language area. Goldman, of course, belongs to Bertelsmann—you’ll probably remember that somewhat nasty correspondence we had in 77.

The proofs have arrived for Ramses, another fortnight’s work, and then I’ll have to proceed with Erde im Aufruhr, on which I started last month. And the weekend I’ll spend in Frankfurt to go through the pictures for Ramses.

When I receive it, and if I do not hear from you to the contrary, I shall send on Dutch royalties as they are, settling by DM accounts. I expect you to write in due course to discuss those.

Best wishes and friendly greetings, yours
Yours, Marx

PS: There will be some more corrections to Ramses and a suggestion for Peoples which I shall send off to you in the near future.


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