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Christoph Marx
Schulstrasse 17
4436 - Oberdorf

March 26, 1978

Tel. 061 97 91 88

Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky
78 Hartley Avenue
Princeton, N.J. 08540
U. S. A.


Dear Velikovsky,

February 19 I sent you correspondence copies regarding Prof. W. Petri’s resignation as a contributor to the UMSCHAU scientific magazine. I am now enclosing the publisher’s answer to Petri, which is very good.

A cable by Mrs. Velikovsky would tell me that substantial changes to our agreement should be made—surely it is saying I shall have your ideas about their nature in due course for discussion.

There are some questions on page 2 of my letter of Jan 29, to which I still have no answers. Please let Jan handle them, and please see that I have early copies of Ramses.

Thank you, and best friendly regards, yours