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Christoph Marx
Schulstrasse 17
4436 Oberdorf

March 13, 1978

Tel. 061 97 91 88

Mr. Jan Sammer
c/o Dr. I. Velikovsky
78 Hartley Avenue
Princeton, N.J. 08540
U. S. A.

Dear Jan,

indeed Dr. Velikovsky is free to arrange for any date of having the advance royalties deposited to his name. Due to the rapid decay of $ and DM as opposed to the Swiss Franc I exchanged DM 25,000.- (according to contract payable to me) for SFr. 23,648.- (rate of Dec.28,77), which since then, of course has gained substantially against the $. I explained to you before that foreign accounts in Switzerland are liable to negative interest of 10 % p. a. plus other “punishments”, so that I would advice Dr. Velikovsky not to transfer it to his own name. Perhaps the most useful way would be to consider actual royalty settlements only, as they will be accounted for by the publisher. I could suggest such an arrangement once I know Dr. Velikovsky’s mind on this, and subject now to what further news I shall have from him: a letter by Mrs. Velikovsky has left me in a very uneasy state of mind.

I’m including two self-explaining copies; “Bild der Wissenschaft” is the Scientific American-type magazine of Germany (and very much uniformist, too), so that it is a tremendous advantage for us to see them choose this particular reviewer for Welten.

Best wishes,

Yours Chris