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Christoph Marx
Schulstrasse 17
4436 Oberdorf,

December 27, 1977

Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky
78 Hartley Avenue
Princeton, N.J. 08540

Dear Velikovsky:

thank you for letting me know through Jan about your reactions to the German edition, and I feel indepted to your good will.

Since the middle of this month I have been hard at work reading through the newly set Welten. I’m sorry a new or additional foreword was not possible in time; the page-proofing is now too far advanced, however, to have it in the first edition. But I am enclosing a copy of the appendix to be tabelized within the pattern across two pages, i.e. four columns: Advance Claim (I am using “Analyse - Prognose” in German); Contemporary Doctrine, Reported Evidence; Today’s Dogma. Your columns will be emphasized in italics. Please ask Jan to write very quickly in case you find a correction should be necessary.

Next, in the first days of January, I shall have the first 20 pages of Peoples to judge. I shall then have to decide with Mr. Curths if the translator. Dr. Joachim Rehork, who has translated an English range of books (ed. Sir Mortimer Wheeler) on archeology, should go ahead, and what problems will arise for the German edition.

From the enclosed copy of a background report in “Buchreport” you will see how nicely the handling of Europa Verlag is paying off - I’m quite proud of the fact that Dr. Rumpel himself is putting Kohlhammer on the spot!

Of course, now that the media are beginning to take notice, my own work (through PAF, or personally) to correct and further increase publicity will begin to rise, and I’m looking forward to that: so a surely fascinating new year is approaching.

I do wish you all the best for it!

Your Marx

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