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Christoph Marx
Schulstrasse 17
4436 Oberdorf,

October 20, 1977

Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky
300 Catalina Avenue
Pelican Island
Seaside Heights, N.J. 08751

Dear Velikovsky,

Mr. Curths has called by phone to propose a royalty of 15 % from 75,000 copies. Pending your not disagreeing completely, he also offered to visit me toward the end of this month, when for two or three days we would work out all the details of the contract along the lines already drawn up in our correspondence, I feel sure we now have achieved a fine deal: first book out early next spring, two further books out in proper time for next years Frankfurt book fair, and the last ones within 18 months from now – pocket editions to follow after that. I am itching to begin a similar effort in the French language area already.

Umschau in due course will wish to have proper signatures to the contract. You would have to empower me accordingly. I have been thinking, if for this and after drawing up the detailed German contract we should meet again; what is your advice?

Best wishes, and friendly regards, yours

Christoph Marx