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Christoph Marx, Rebgasse 16, 4102 Binningen, Switzerland, 061 47 43 08

Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky
78 Hartley Avenue
Princeton, N.J. 08540

July 25, 1977

Dear Velikovsky,

how pleased I am that you have found yourself a summer house! And here is already our first proposal for your books in the German language area—facing us with two questions, the answers to which must be pondered carefully.

(1) Instead of dividing Ages I, Mr. Curths from Umschau not only suggested to publish it (hardcover) together with new material as a double volume, but also do the same with Peoples and Ramses, and later with perhaps Greece and Conquest. I was taken aback at first, because it hadn’t occurred to me, but on repeatedly turning this thought over I concluded that there are some definite advantages certainly in newly to be developed language areas, coupled however with long term effects also in the English speaking world.

In the new areas, of course, the publishing speed would be doubled. Also, the books can be made to gain in their image as important texts of learning, though retaining their dramatic appeal. And then, when the time comes they can be divided up into soft cover editions (or in special hard cover book club editions) without, I think, diminishing so much the value of your standard text books.

But it would call for a plan of co-ordination with the English language publishers (something I hope for in any case). While we might keep to single volume first editions for future titles, Ages I with the new material may be produced as a double volume, too, again followed by a two volume pocket edition.

And why not re-introduce your books on such a system in countries such as France?

With the double volumes a compromise with the price of two single volumes will have to be considered; but with the changed attitudes toward hardcover books, the pricing because of production costs perhaps still more important, and certainly with our intention of procuring a still wider base for your knowledge, I think that we will tend to gain more from the very beginning.

There it is: what will be your advice?

(2) At this time we should return to the range of ideas regarding the conducive organization of the publication rights. Some time ago I suggested establishing a Velikovsky Institute as a foundation in Switzerland, supervising the European rights. I would very much prefer signing a German contract through such a body, followed by other countries, and keeping track of all further developments, in fact doing in Europe what you do in America. Within the frame of Swiss law, of which I am enclosing the appropriate section and commentary, let me propound it like this:

Name: Velikovsky Institut
Vermogen: Copyright für Europa (weitere Lander) aller Werke von Immanuel Velikovsky


Copyright-Lizenzvergabe im Wirtschaftsgebiet Copyright-Beaufsichtigung Ftihrung und Auswertung des Archivs Forderung des einschlagigen Gedankengutes und der Forschung im Sinne des Stifters


Vergütung von.. % der Bruttoeinnahmen aus den Copyright-Lizenzen in der vom Stifter verfügten Weise an seine Familie
Verwaltung: 1 geschaftsführender Verwalter
1 Sekretariat (im Rahmen der verfugbaren Mittel) Die Wahl des geschaftsfuhrenden Verwalters wird vom Stifter getroffen, sonst von einern (z.B. drei-köpfigen) Stiftungsrat (1 Familienmitglied, ein Mitglied der amerikanischen Organisation, ein beauftragter Anwalt am Sitz der Stiftung)
1 Treuhandstelle zur jahriichen Revision der Geschafte
Mil der Lizenzvergabe kann auch ein Agent beauftragt werden

I know a renowned Jewish lawyer in Basel who is acquainted with you: work, whom we surely may ask to work out statutes along such lines, if you agree and wish me to undertake this. I would proceed very economically, however. –

Now regarding the proposal by UMSCHAU Verlag, you will see my opinion from my answer to them. I would not advice agreeing to less royalties from Germany than you are receiving from England. The business I visited in Frankfurt made a favourable impression: it is a block containing large printing works right beside the main station the origin of the business is the 76 years old UMSCHAU in Forschung und Technik, a fortnightly more technologically oriented science magazine; there is a very large selection of Landschaftsbücher about Germany and regions of Europe; and it seems to be the young generation of the owner family Breidenstein to expand their book publishing that has resulted in their active interest in your books.

For the moment I will leave the news at this, attending to some other points in a few days.

Happy days in your summer sojourn!

Yours Marx

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