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Immanuel Velikovsky
78 Hartley Avenue
Princeton, NJ 08540

(609) 924-4275

April 14, 1977

Dear Mr. Marx:

Following the telephone conversation of last week, I expect to hear from you the dates you prefer for the visit. There may be so many items to discuss, and also for you to acquaint yourself with the past and future of my work, that it may happen that if three days should not suffice, you may wish to extend your stay around Princeton for another day.

In our house we can offer you only a couch in the living room—and possibly you will feel more comfortable in an inn. We could place at your disposal a (non-luxury) car, one of our two.

Our telephone number is printed above. Newark Airport is much closer than the John Kennedy Airport, but overseas traffic goes mainly to Kennedy airport - so please find out, give us, please, also a ring from the airport.

I am working these days very strenuously on the completion of the Ramses II volume with the intention of returning, the proofs with a greatly improved version of the book in a week or so—to be free for you when you come. Let me know your schedule—I shall try to bring Prof. Lynn Rose of Buffalo to Princeton when you are here.

With friendly regards

Im. Velikovsky


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