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December 11, 64
Dear Dr. Federn:
Yesterday I have mailed to my editor at Doubleday 132 pages of Peoples of the Sea (the narrative part). In the remaining part I intend to include: a. Chronology and Astronomy (Sothic Calendar); b. Chronology and Seismology (Schaeffer, Jericho); and c. Chronology and Radiocarbon Dating. Possibly I shall also include a chapter on Scarabs. The chapter on confirmations that you have commented upon, may also find its place, either in the front material or as a supplement. Actually it belongs into vol. I, second edition. I have spoken with my editor about printing the first three books (WiC, AiC, EiU) in second editions, however with no changes in the texts, only additions in the form of new prefaces, supplements, or an index where it is lacking (EiU) - and he is for the idea. This will result also in new sales promotion and advertizing.
Sometime ago I have mentioned on the telephone the idea of a listener at my course who suggested that children of Seth in the Balaam chapter signifies follower of the god Seth. It is written Shin and Tav. Does it correspond to the Egyptian writing of the god Seth?
I became panicky at the sign of the many books started and approaching change of decade in June. I will fight as a Roland to get the things out of drafts into manuscripts and then into books. I have left too much for the finale of my mile run.

Cordially yours,

Immanuel Velikovsky