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December 29, 1958            

Dear Dr. Federn:

     We have enjoyed your visit with us. The day thereafter I started in earnest to work on my Oedipus-Akhnaton story.

In Danelius’ paper I read: “Ben Anath was the name of a Syrian sea-captain signally rewarded by Ramses II }J. Garstan, Joshua, Judges, 1931, p. 63).” I wonder whether here would not be the rewarding of the “Phoenician” captain who made the circum-African travel as told by Herodotus (for Pharaoh-Necos). What can you tell me about this sea-captain and Ramses?

I wonder what is the text of the formulae of protection and accompanying curses on the shrine ‘catafalque’ or coffin of Tutenkhamen? When I discuss the ancient curses of the house of Oedipus, I would like to expand and tell something of curses in the Bible (time of Izebel) and the modern belief in them. Here the case of Lord Carnarvon and his wife, both of whom died of insect bites, and the belief that some curse protected the tomb, could serve as an illustration of our generation’s belief in curses. Do you know when and how succumbed Lady Carnarvon?

Every case of the chasm after 1100 in the histories or stratigraphic chronology interests me. Please let me have any case that you will come across.

Besides the list of excavated places mentioned by Schaeffer there were several more excavations published. Anything you can put your hand upon may be of interest; on my part, I shall try to go back through as many volumes as I can; thus there will be a double check.

Presently I have to leave for a trip to New York, so I make this letter short.


Im. Velikovsky

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