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December 9, 1958            

Dear Dr. Federn:

     I have not heard from you since you have visited us, and I assume that you have been busy, not ill. I figure out that by now you must be through with the bibliographical work on Virchow, and after a little rest you will be able to take up historical work for yourself and for me. But first take a rest if you are exhausted. If you like to come here for resting (the house is now well heated) sleeping overnight, you are welcome.

In addition to problems that you got from me earlier, I believe it is necessary to compose a list of all important discoveries (like new texts) relating to the period I cover in Ages I and II; this would not include stratigraphical evidence, which I mentioned in connection with the reports of excavations suggested by Schaeffer (he wrote me a postcard that he will be back in Paris in December); neither it would include new interpretations of old findings. Since my work is built mainly on literary evidence of old texts, a new stela of Seti, or newly published Neo-Babylonian chronicles, and the like, are of prime importance.

In Pendlebury-volume II it is stated that latest objects from Egypt—in Crete were of the 18th Dynasty, and that before its end, Crete must have been destroyed (by invasion, or by catastrophe?); it follows that no objects of the 19th Dynasty were discovered there; but, from my point of view, I would suspect that objects of Egypt under the Libyans could have been still found there (in Crete); the catastrophe that put an end to the Cretan civilization must have taken place in the eighth century, or even as late as -687 (Hezekiah); in the later case, even objects of Egypt under the Ethiopians must have reached Crete. Now the simple thing is to look up in Sir Arthur Evans, whether objects of Libyan and Ethiopian Dynasties have been found in Crete.

Schaeffer’s letters you will be able to read (and my answers to him) at your next visit in Princeton. My wife thinks that you should deny yourself of Quaker Oats, because once a quantity of it became spoiled by some “visitors” from Venus (their descendants). She greets you warmly.


Im. Velikovsky

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