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November 24, 1958            

Dear Dr. Federn:

     It is Monday morning. It was good to talk to you by phone on Saturday. Take a better care of yourself and have regular rest periods.
     I believe that my Oedipus story will soon have a series of additional chapters and the case will be well demonstrated. I have asked you in our conversation whether there can be construed a case for the suicide of Tiy (or the self-mutilation of Akhnaton, although more probably he became blind, not that he blinded himself). A question is alos whether there is any relation between the names and their meanings of the Greek heroes and their correspondent personages of Akhnaton’s court. What means Tiy and Jocaste, Epicaste? Ay and Creon (ruler)? Smenkhkare, Tutenkhamen, Beketaten and Polyneices, Eteocles, Antigone? Nefertete and Eurigeneia, Ismene and Meritate, or the third daughter of Akhnaton (wife of Tutenkhamen)? Is there any hint in the Greek names to the Egyptian originals?
     If Eurigeneia was Nefertete in her Greek reincarnation, it would be interesting to know a little more about this Greek wife of Oedipus. No tragic circumstances, no protest on her part to his relation with Jocaste, at least when the secret came to be known?
     Whether Amenhotep son of Hapu outlived Amenhotep III? He had no tomb prepared for him in El-Amarna. Was there not some seer that was blind?
     The expression “beloved by Akhnaton” applied to himself by Smenkhkare reminds me the scene in Oedipus in Colonus where Polyneices begs of his father to take his side and make him his favorite, the past notwithstanding, in his war against his brother, a youth in his ttens, acc. to Sophocles. The fact that both graves of these two princes. Sm. and Th-t-a., were closed by the same seal, and that many objects prepared for Sm. were found in the grave of his younger brother, also speak for the interpretation I gave the story.
     For your visit on Saturday I suggest the train that leaves the Penns. Station at 11:15 a.m.; I would meet you at 12:10 at Princeton Junction; should there be a change on your part (rain?), you may call be by reversing the charge (Walnut 4.4275). You may take with you something to sleep in should you decide to remain the night here. Otherwise you will have a train from Princeton Junction at 5:47 (still to check), or 6:01 (slow), 7:26 and 9:22 (at Penn. ST. at 10:38). It is possible that I shall be in New York on Wednesday and I may try to find you on the phone.

PS. This is added Tuesday at noon. I have just received your postcard and be assured that your visit on Saturday is very welcome. If I do not hear from you (it is rather uncertain that I call you by phone on Wednesday), I shall expect you on Saturday at the Junction (for the train leaving NY at 11:15). Until then everything good to you.


Im. Velikovsky

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