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At the post office, Friday 19 Sept. 1958

Dear Dr. Federn:

     I send here one third of the German translation of “Earth in Upheaval”. I have looked only into the first page. I beleive that the translator of “Worlds in Collision” was better or did a better job. I have offered on the first page a few changes in pencil (ink marks are of the publisher or translator). It is necessary to compare the text with the American edition as to exactness of text, names and figures; and then it is desirable to improve the style. I have here with me the rest of the translation and will send it to you when you ar about to be through with this part. I imagine that the publisher waits my revision.

     I am interested to know what suggestions you may give me concerning “Oedipus”, and what parts need elaboration or improvements.

Im. Velikovsky