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August 19, 1957

Dear Dr. Federn:

     The first use of my new typewriters (electric) is this letter to you. I spoke this morning to you by phone. It is strange that the pages 121 to 157 did not reach you. I am going to write to Miss Kuhn and find out whetehr she had mailed them. I enclose here a letter of Gallant that I discussed with you on phone. It is certainly very important to follow through what Bittel or one of his colleagues has published on the rich finds on Boghazkoi in the last decade. Götterbock (correct spelling of the name?), I believe worked with him there. They found thousands of tablets. I cannot imagine taht there should not be some clear pieces of evidence for the new chronology.

     Please write me anew your solution of the question of the problem of the succession of the dynasties 21 and 22; I shall retype and write to Gallant as your solution.

     Then return me the letter after taking any notes you wish, and please clarify the probem of the tablets to which Gallant refers.

     We hope to see you soon. I shall write you about a fitting date.

     With warm regards from both of us,

Im. Velikovsky

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