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April 20, 1956

Dear Dr. Federn:

     I read and reread more than once your very interesting and useful comments to “Earth in Upheaval”. I did not know that you would even go to check on my sources and actually enter the entire area of research of disciplines far removed from Egyptology. Many thanks. I intend to discuss with you several points when we see one another. Soon it will be blooming in Princeton; and though we have our daughter and family here, a room (guest room) is free.

     A few days ago I have written to Scientific American —not an answer to H. Brown—but a clarification of one point in his review—my relations with Einstein.

     I was pleased to see your signature written with a strong handwriting, and the typing also as if done by a vigorous hand.


Im. Velikovsky

My wife sends you her best wishes and her invitation to come and stay with us.