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4 Hartley Avenue
Princeton, N. J.

April 29, 1954

Dear Mr. Federn:

The letter which I received from you the day before yesterday, relieved me from a great anxiety; I was even afraid to open the letter. A good work you have done!

I have written today to Walter a few encouraging lines. I understand your financial worries. I would like in future to help Walter; my income from books is at present very low; but I would take a psychoanalytic case, if I can get one, to make my help to Walter possible. Your father trusted me several cases in which other analysis did not succeed; but presently, because of my work on books and having cured all the cases sent to me, I am out of touch with analysts. Princeton is only one hour by train from NY, and I imagine that it should not be difficult to resume (an hour or two a day) psychoanalytic, work, especially I will finish next week my volume “Earth in Upheaval.”

With kind regards,
Immanuel Velikovsky