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Oct. 23, 1953

Dear Dr. Federn:

It may interest you that ten days ago, Oct. 14, I have road an address before the Forum of the Graduate Students here. In the presence of many professors, the Dean, and people from outside, at a capacity audience on:

Worlds in Collision in the light of recent finds in archaeology, geology, and astronomy; refuted or verified?”

From the two long accounts in The Princetonian (a daily of the students) I quote:

“After his lecture last night, he impressed all attending by his well-reasoned and well-documented answers to questions posed by experts in physics, geology and other sciences.”

I intend to put the address in writing, and then, possibly, to look for a magazine to publish it. The main point in archaeology was of course the work of Claude Schaeffer.

I trust you have realized that a living person needs food; the ancient Egyptians have believed that even, after passing away people need food. But in life-time eat, and enjoy the food; and if you have not read the book of Menninger: Man against himself, let me know, and I will mail you my copy for reading. You need to read it: it was written for you.

With all good wishes,

Immanuel Velikovsky