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September 30, 47

Dear Dr. Federn:

You find here two forms; you have to fill one and to mail or better bring it to the Columbia University, and require either reference privileges or borrowing privileges, too. They charge Dollar a month for borrowing, and nothing (in some cases one Dollar also) for reference privileges. You may ask for six months. If you have borrowing privileges, you can take home as many books as you like.

I am sorry to hear that you went through a period of depression. If you would like sometimes to come to my place and talk about scientific matter as well as of yourself, you are always welcome.

It pleases me that you have good experience with the Smith-Corona, my first installement in my great debt. But if you prefer any-other typewriter, you are free to choose the model you like, and I can exchange.

Now that you are not pressed anymore with the catalogue for the Vatican publication, you should relax a little. For your lectures you should not prepare yourself; do it as simple as possible; you certainly overestimate the knowledge and the ability of your pupils. Egyptology can be a very interesting subject if you take it in broad lines. But if you make a philological study, it can interest only scholars of the same field. But your pupils are not yet scholars.

There are a few Latin texts in my cosmological book which I would like to translate into English. If I do it myself, would you control the translation?

Congratulations to your little niece.

My wife greets you.

Immanuel Velikovsky