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May 22, 1946

Dear Dr. Federn:

I assume that you read already the chapter about Mars, and I am eager to know your impression. Meanwhile I gave it also to Prof. Kallen, Dean of the Graduate School of the New School of Social Research, and today I had a letter from him which I hope will help me to influence Prof. Shapley to undertake the tests.

I have a few questions, and here they are:

1. Wainright, JEA 18 (1932) p. 164 mentions a text about the night of fire for the adversaries. Where is the text? In the same article on the p. 167 there are references to Divine clouds, and Great dew, and I think about the “clouds of glory” which are also the “shadow of death” and about ambrosia (manna); where is this text?

2. I refered to 360 (day) year of the Ebers papyrus, divided in 12 months; this I found in some text; but how is the reading of the Papyrus-which translation I should read?

3. Reform of calendar of Sesonk III, to which I refered in my Mars chapter. As you see I suppose that it was a real calendar reform. What was the reform?

4. Cambridge Ancient History I, p. 159, states that Septuagint I Kings xvi. 29; xx. 51; 2 Kings I, 17 show traces of another system. I expect to find something that would support my chronology of the Ahab period. Would you please translate these texts? I have not seen a Septuagint translated into German of English, have you?

5. Avienus-Servius you translated from Wachsmuth, refer to Campester and Petosiris. I do not expect, but still it may be that in the fragments extant of these authors, there is more information about the comet Typhon and the plagues. Pauly Wissowa refers to E. Riess, Nechepsonis etc. frgm. magica, Diss. Bonn 1890.

6. I wrote that the day of the Egyptians started with the morning; but I read once that it started with the evening.

7. Meyer, Chronologie in to p. 39 says in the name of Bissing that the Apis Cult was initiated under Aseth. Correct? It is also said by Weill (I think he also quotes Bissing) that the year of 360 days was introduced by the Hyksos. You read about it in my Mars chapter. What is the text of his source?

8. My deduction of Deukalion from Deka; is it wrong?

I enclose the last chapter of Ages in Chaos, unpolished as it is.

Immanuel Velikovsky

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