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October 7, 1959

Lynne O. Ramer
Royal Oak, Michigan

Dear Mr. Ramer:

This is in reference to yours of September 30th concerning Carbon-14 Dating in the Near East. I’m completely puzzled by Professor Velikovsky’s claim that there is intentional skipping of carbon-14 dating of certain periods. We, ourselves, have a Radiocarbon dating laboratory here working on long term chronology for the Near East and we have a great many dates for all periods. Together with several other laboratories in the world, we are also trying to coordinate on a firm chronology for Egypt. There are many serious problems in the Carbon-14 method and we know of many Libby dates now in error. Certainly there is nothing we know of now in all periods which reflects the catastrophes of Velikovsky’s theory. By and large the hundreds of dates we now have from Carbon-14 confirm fairly closely the chronologies worked out by the archaeologists.

Several years ago we here at the Museum discussed preparing an answer to Velikovsky’s claims and we all decided it was not worthwhile. At this late date in archaeology, there is not much point in tilting at windmills.

  Very best wishes,
  Froelich Rainey
  Director, The University Museum
  University of Pennsylvania