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February 17, 1950

Mr. Brett:

Mr. McCurdy told me that you would like to have me read the galley proof of WORLDS IN COLLISION and give you my views on it. I picked up this manuscript with the idea that it would probably be another interesting example of fitting a selected assortment of “facts” to an author’s pet theory. I recalled the razzing we got from a Wisconsin statistician on H. L. Moore’s GENERATING ECONOMIC CYCLES. Apparently, in figuring result of the interposition of Venus and the moon. Dr. Moore overlooked some important crop data from other parts of the world which would not cooperate with his theory—unintentionally, of course.

I finished the book with at least as much belief as I can give to religion—and I am not an atheist or even a real agnostic. The incredible part to me is just how any one man could have covered so much literature legend, and science so carefully as is apparent in reading the proof.

Astronomers will read the book and raise a million questions, one of which will surely concern our moon. How could it have remained so unconcerned while Venus was giving us such a working over? The author does not cite much in the records on this point. He does mention that Venus in her comet days raised havoc with some of the other planets’ satellites. I think the book will be a great success, and this volume should automatically make readers for the one to follow.

C. L. Skelley