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The Macmillan Company
60 Fifth Avenue
New York II, N.Y.


1. Appears to be quasi-scholarly.

Many quotations and footnotes will make the reader feel that he is engaged in serious reading.

2. The central idea of the literal interpretation of the legends of primative peoples is interesting.

I do not know how new this idea is or how fairly he has presented the information.

3. The physics is not good.

Remarks on mechanics, gravitation, electricity, and magnetism are confused.

The author clearly does not understand the physical problems involved in his theory, nor does he seem, able to evaluate evidence in the physical sciences.

4. As a scholarly book attempting to present ideas to those in the field, I would rank it low. It is too long, it does not have a systematic presentation. It has too many mistakes.

5. As a book to sell to the general reader, I would rank it higher. Certainly the idea is one to capture the interest.

(signed) Ed. Thorndike
Feb. 13, 1950

Prepared by
Dr. E. M. Thorndike
Head by The Physics Department
Queens College

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