Notes and Themes
Themes for Shamir

(mostly from the Old Testament; miracles-ancient lore)

Genesis Serafim
Sulfur (brimstone)
Interplanetary travel
“Smoke of furnace”
Giant animals–also Ziz bird, (mammals)
Struggling with the angel?
Angels visit Abraham
Dream interpretation
  Exodus Manna–hydroc. combin.
  Numbers Radiation disease-Tzaarat–“leprosy”-Hair fell out
  Joshua Wild ducks (meat of fowl)–radioactivity in exposed animals-case of radiated engineer.
The death after eating the wild ducks (irradiated).
Phosphorescence—hand white after being kept in dark
Karnaim-the horns or rays of Moses
(rays of Venus–like horns)
Finding water
Vermin plague
Jordan running back
Deluge of fire
Serpent and Baal worship
Leveling of mountains
  Judges & Kings Magnet
Mouth-to-mouth breathing
Weather forecast
Telepathy and hypnosis. Since 1740?
“Leprosy” and sulfur baths
Ball of fire (left cloth);
Sennacherib (burnt but cloth)
Sword over Jerusalem
“Terrible ones”
Music in psychiatry
Even shetia (Mars?) (also Mecca)
Daniel & his friends
Mene Tekel - writing on the wall
Sun’s shadow returned
  Elias & Elisha Sanverim
Static electricity
Artificial breathing
Chariot of fire

Interplanetary Travel

The story told in Genesis 6, about the sons of God (B’nei Elim) coming to the daughters of men, is usually explained as referring to the aristocrats that mingled with common people.

In my understanding this is a literary relic dealing with the visit of intelligent beings from another planet. Actually in the rabbinical literature is preserved the stroy of 36(?) persons led by ...... that descended on Mount Hermon. The new arrivals, all males, were probably of gigantic stature; their progeny with women of the earth were giants (Genesis 6). I thought that trilithon of Baalbek, near Hermon, was the work of their hands.

The planet from which they came I would not know to determine. El would refer to Saturn. The great size of the visitors would suggest a smaller body. Because of the strangeness of the idea, I thought to never publishing it. But since I came to it in about 1940-1941, the space age started, UFO were claimed to be vehicles of visitors from other planets (which idea does not find any credence in me), and previous visits to the earth by guests from other systems (other star systems) were expressed without calling for ridicule.

It appears to me that the visitors in expectation of some great catastrophe, moved out from their planet. Actually, their story precedes the story of the Deluge in the Scriptures.

Angels visit Abraham

The time of the events connected with the story of the patriarch Abraham is, in my understanding, the end of the Early Bronze or Old Kingdom in Egypt. The catastrophe of Sodom and gomorra—the overturning of the plain, the origin of the Dead Sea, was a catastrophe that ended an era; the origin of the Great (African) Rift or its greater expansion, coincided with those events. The age of the Dead Sea when measured by the amount of salts in its waters and in the supplying sources—is of the order 5,000 years, but could be even less, all depending the various factors (submarine sources, change in concentration of salts in the Jordan, the contribution of the sources on the shores of the sea, besides the main tributaries.)

The visit of “angels”—or B’nei El—to the ten of Abraham would suggest that the interplanetary visitors were still around at the end of the Old Kingdom in Egypt, or Early Bronze. To me this appears a misplaced memory. I would think that the “visitors” would be suggestive of an earlier time.

But in recent years I chanced to find my old idea concerning Genesis 6, expressed by a Russian astronomer, though he seems to be unaware of the landing at Hermon, he associated a not removed stone in the quarry near Baalbek with “their” effort to leave the earth; he also sugested that the turning of the plain was the work of their hands (atomic explosion) which might be true, considering the element of the “punishment” told in the story of Sodom.

Horn Blowing on Yom Kippur

The blowing of the horn on the New Year and on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) is a recretion of the noise that like blowing of the horn was heard at the day of Lawgiving—all over the world. The twisted strata of the earth produced this noise, and as I remarked in Worlds in Collision, the noise could also have been produced by the approach of a charged body (Teremin effect).


I read these days (April 1967) that infra-acoustic waves can cause death. I thought of the expression that the Assyrians before their death were “permitted to hear the music of the sphere”; also the expression “Hamon” in the prophets relating to the phenomenon; also the Egyptian name of a divinity Hemon.
As I demonstrated in Worlds in Collision, Mars was the instrument of the debacle of the Assyrian host. Hamon must be another name for Mars, Maadim, or Aritz, from which is derived the Greek Ares.