Kadesh in Judah

Kadesh is named first among the cities of Judah that Thutmose III subdued. The king of Kadesh was also the head of the opposing forces, first opposing the pharaoh at Megiddo. Suggestions were made as to the whereabouts of Kadesh: some placed it in Galilee; but the conguest of Thutmose III was limited to Judah, Israel having submitted without struggle (Thutmose III being Shishak of the Scriptures, or Sesostris of Greek authors).

In Ages in Chaos (Vol. I, ch. IV, section “Kadesh in Judah”) I have shown that Kadesh in Thutmose’s list is Jerusalem; I brought also many instances where the ancient Jews called it that way (in the Old Testament).

This Kadesh needs to be distinguished from Kadesh in Coele-Syria (Baalbek, or Dan) in Seti’s inscriptions and pictures, and from Kadesh of Ramses II’s inscriptions—this being Carchemish.