Jordan River

1) Thutmose I refers to a river in Palestine that “flows upstream.” Suggestions were made that it could be the Euphrates (or the Jordan), because these rivers flow in the direction opposite to that of the Nile.

The Jordan once flowed toward the north (and quite possibly entered the Mediterranean through the valley of Jezreel). When the Dead Sea was formed in the formation of the Rift (supposedly in the Tertiary, but according to Gregory, authority on the Great Rift, still in the memory of man), possibly in the days of the overturning of Sodom and Gomorrah, or even in the days of the Exodus (in the days of Abraham, it was a valley), the Jordan changed its direction.

The Sea of Reversed Water (Ramses III) is the Dead Sea.

2) The river Eridanus into which Phaeton fell was located in many places, the Rhone and the Po among them. The Jordan is the Eridanus of Phaethon’s legend. The vision of the day the sun stood still and the swarms of bodies that fell that day (Joshua) connect the Phaethon legend with this region.