Of Aden in South Arabia, Arab historians of the Middle Ages narrated from older traditions that it was an unusually fruitful land, well-watered. One who started on his travel upon the land on a donkey with an empty basket on his head found the basket full of fruit before he reached his destination. Then in a catastrophe (called “bursting of the dam”) apparently of global dimensions, this country became a desert.

Of ancient channels of great rivers in Arabia I brought references of modern explorers in Earth in Upheaval. The area Arabia Felix is today a forbidden land.

Marib was the city of the area, once so fruitful, according to legend.

On some pages 1. tried to follow the legend to the Arab autochthonous tradition of Moses (Mosaikaia), Aharon, and Miriam and the “Bursting of the Dam” ; it was not just the Dam—I offered a philological explanation—it was a cataclysmic event. Eden (Paradise) was located in Aden.