Dan is erroneously placed near the present-day Metuia, at one of the sources of the Jordan. The historical Dan was some 150 kilometers to the north, at Baalbek. The details of this explanation are written out by me since long ago.

It is important to observe also that the Image or Micah was at Baalbek and was still there when king Manasse occupied the place (following the advance of Seti) It is not known who built Baalbek (the platform). Its oracle was famous in Roman times when the Romans built there the temples to Venus, Jupiter, and possibly Mars or Saturn.

Thus the geography of Palestine, “from Dan to Beersheba” has its northern point at Baalbek, the place “as you go to Hamath”—or Dan.

Dunip (Tunip) of the el-Amarna letters and other ancient sources was Dan. It was also Kadesh of Seti’s conquest. Finally, the place is known as Yenoam (“Yahwe speaks”) which refers to the oracle.