The Kadesh of the battle, described and illustrated by Ramses II was Carchernish. Details of this identification are found in the volume dealing with Ramses II and Nebuchadnezzar. There I show that Tell NebióMend on the Orontes was not the Kadesh of the battle, neither was the Orontes the (p)nrt of the battle. In the sections “The Fortress of Carchemish” , “The Plan of the Battle” , and “Carchemish the Sacred City” , I give an exhaustive proof, historical, topographical, and geographical to the thesis that Carchemish (the City of Chemosh) was the Kadesh of the battle. The identification of (p)r-n-t with the Euphrates and the identification of Baw as el-Bab and Aranimi as Arima of todaym and Mw (water) of Sdt as the Sadjur, all on the way from Aleppo to Carchemish, give additional support to my identification.

The history of Carchemish and the archaeological difficulties resulting from the wrong chronology are discussed by me in the same volume of Ages in Chaos (dealing with Ramses II and His Time).