A few times the king of Gubia (identified as Jezebel, later called Jezreel) mentioned in his letters the city of Batruna, and it is identified as the ancient Botrys. (Dhorme, Revue Biblique (1908), 509f.} Weber, in Knudtzon Die El-Amarna Tafeln. p. 1165). However, Menander, a Greek author, quoted by Josephus (Against Apion 1, 116; Jewish Antiquities VIII, 1) says of Ithobalos (Ethbaal), the king of Tyre in the ninth century, that “it was he who founded the city Botrys in Phoenicia.” Having been built by the father-in-law of King Ahab, the city Botrys could be mentioned in the el-Amarna tablets only if the founding of the city preceded the el-Amarna age.

Al-Batrun is north of Byblos, which is north of Beirut.