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Son Supports Father

Israel Defends Jerusalem for United Nations,
but Gets No Help for Own State


Jerusalem is the City of Peace, according to the meaning of its name, but a city of war as its fate at the present is. Why is Jerusalem a city of war? The Israelis agreed that it should be an international city as decided by the United Nations on Nov. 29. But the British scheme with Abdullah is to make it the capital of this puppet king. Thus it turns out that the British and Abdullah are trying, by war and by siege, to take for themselves the city which is declared by the family of nations to belong to all nations.

Instead of all the nations defending Jerusalem against the British and the Arabs, the Israelis, who already have the task of defending their State against the onslaught of the armies of seven Arab states, now bear the additional burden of defending Jerusalem and thus of fighting for all the nations.

The invasion of Palestine by the Arab states and their war against Israel should be met with international force, but the Security Council hesitates to follow this path; and so, instead of receiving help, the Israelis give help to all the nations that assigned Jerusalem as an international city. Nor do the Israelis merely provide help; they actually carry the entire burden of defending Jerusalem from those who strive to make this international city their possession.

Strange as it seems, 50-odd nations do not come to the assistance of Israel, but Israel, in addition to its own war, wages war on behalf of the 50-odd nations.

* * *

On November 29, 1947, the General Assembly voted:

“To place the City of Jerusalem under international trusteeship” with “the United Nations as the Administrative Authority.”

“The City of Jerusalem shall be demilitarized, its neutrality shall be declared and preserved, and no para-military formations, exercises or activities shall be permitted within its borders.”

“A Governor of the City of Jerusalem shall be appointed by the Trusteeship Council. He shall be neither Arab nor Jew nor a citizen of the Palestinian States, nor, at the time of appointment, a resident of the City of Jerusalem.”

“The City of Jerusalem shall guarantee free transit and visit to residents of the Arab and Jewish States in Palestine.”

“The protection of the Holy Places, religious buildings and sites in the City of Jerusalem shall be entrusted to a special police force, the members of which shall be recruited outside of Palestine and shall be neither Arab nor Jew.”

* * *

Thus the United Nations decided about the city that is holy to a major part of humankind. It did nothing to implement its decision. The Governor was not appointed, a police force was not sent to Jerusalem, the city was not assured, and access to holy places was not guaranteed.

Instead of this, and even for many weeks before Great Britain surrendered the mandate, the British did not object to Jerusalem being put under siege; the mandatory made no effort to help keep the roads to Jerusalem open for the transport of food to its inhabitants.

Jerusalem being under siege, the field guns of the British-Arab Legion shell the residential sections of the city, and its hospital and university in the suburbs. It has been under incessant fire for many weeks. Before hostilities began and afterwards, the Israelis repeatedly offered to remove Jerusalem from the conflict. The United Nations, however, have done nothing, great or small, to bring order to the Holy City or to establish its neutrality.

When the Vandals sacked Rome in the year 455, they erected a memorial to themselves; their very name became a word for wanton destroyers. The Vandals, however, did not profess any spiritual affinity of religious feeling for Rome. But both the British and the Arabs declare that Jerusalem is a holy city, and express pious sentiment for the City of Peace. The waging of war in the City of Peace is sacrilegious and wanton, and it is all the more so when the vandals who bombard it do so with pious words on their lips.

If the nations of the world are an honest family and their representatives in the United Nations act with integrity, then Jerusalem can be saved from further destruction. Let a Governor be appointed immediately for Jerusalem, whether it be Count Bernadotte or Harold Evans from Philadelphia (both are already in Palestine) or Sir Carl Berendsen of New Zealand or Evatt of Australia or Smuts of South Africa; let an international police force be dispatched to Jerusalem and placed at the disposal of the Governor; and let it be proclaimed that the family of nations does not intend to allow Jerusalem out of its charge.

Were all the resolutions on Jerusalem written and accepted only as a sham? You put your hand on the Bible when you swear. When you put your name to a resolution on Jerusalem, it is a kind of oath. Should this oath be broken, the United Nations will stand before the generations to come as a company of welshers. Wars will never cease.

For if all the nations together cannot make peace in Jerusalem, which is their common trust, then there will be no peace anywhere on earth either for you or for your children.