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18th November, 1960

Immanuel Velikovsky

Dear Sir,

Your letter to Mr. Edwards of 3rd November has been passed to this Department for our observations on the sections, which concern us. Murray’s reasons for believing the Mycenaean period to have immediately preceded the Orientalizing were reasonable enough in 1900 when he wrote, but later excavations and research have shown that there was an interval of some centuries between these two periods.

I regret that we have no material in this Department from either period suitable for Radiocarbon analysis,

As for the building overlying the Megaron at Tiryns, the position (as outlined in Nilssen. Minoan-Mycenaean Religion, pp. 475 ff.) is indeed unsatisfactory. But it seems to me most unlikely that there is any material from it suitable for Radiocarbon examination.


Yours truly,


R.A. Higgins


Assistant Keeper


Department of Greek and


Roman Antiquities

  The British Museum