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September 29, 1960

Dear Dr. Velikovsky:

I’m not sure whether I told you that I was referred by Dr. Frederick Johnson of Phillips Academy to a Dr. Robert Heizer of the University of California for what information I might be able to get from his file on radio-carbon datings. I wrote to Dr. Heizer. He was away in Europe and another member of the Department of Anthropology answered his letter and gave me the information that he had checked the Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twentieth Dynasties of Egypt and found no references to C-14 dates from any of these files. He suggested that I write to Professor Jacob J. Finkelstein in the Department of Near Eastern Languages for any information that might be more-recent than what he had on file. From that department I had an answer from the Assistant Professor of Egyptology, Dr. Klaus Baer. This short letter I quote in full.

“As far as I know there are no radiocarbon datings of any objects from the New Kingdom. However, since the chronology of ancient Egypt is quite closely fixed by astronomical evidence from the Eleventh Dynasty onward, in part, to the nearest year. radiocarbon, with its substantial margin of error, could hardly add anything to our knowledge of the chronology of the New Kingdom. Hayes, The Sceptre of Egypt, Vol. II, dates Rameses III to 1192-1160 B.C., and this date is not likely to contain a margin of error greater than about five years each way.”

This letter is no doubt intended by Dr. Baer to close the matter. I cannot very well re-open it without betraying the fact that I have serious doubts about his “astronomical evidence.” Where do we go from here?

  Sincerely yours,
  Rev. Benjamin N. Adams
  Trinity Presbyterian Church
  San Francisco