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26 IV (April) 1961

Immanuel Velikovsky

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your letter of April 17th. As the Univ. of Pennsylvania Dept. of Physics has informed me on Feb. 16th that the Ras Shamra samples have accidentally been contaminated with tritium, I have got another lot of samples prepared which will leave in a week or so by ship. On the other hand, there is now a French laboratory going into operation and I have given them a parallel collection of samples. Both results can then be compared later.

I repeat my promise. You will be the first among those who get the information before my publication. Don’t worry and be patient. In any case I certainly will not hesitate to publish the results whatever they may be. Because I am not concerned with opinions and chronological schemes, but only with the advance of our knowledge. . .Go on with your research, keep in good health, don’t shorten your life by working too strenuously. The truth needs time to sink in. And so we must be in a position to wait.

  Cordially yours,
  Claude F. A. Schaeffer