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September 1, 1955

Dear Professor Pfeiffer:

There is no luck to my trying to have a radiocarbon test performed on objects dating from the New Kingdom. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts has no suitable objects; the Metropolitan Museum, after the exchange of letters the earlier part of the summer will be reluctant to renew their promise made to me once. As I have explained, they do not do the tests; neither does any other museum. The radiocarbon laboratories of the Chicago University, of Columbia and of Geological Survey in Washington, D.C. as I understand, do not require any fees for the tests: but only such tests are made which are of scientific value.

Apart from my books, it is difficult to understand that no objects of 18th or 19th Dynasty were submitted to the analysis, when very many trivial things were dated by this method. What can I do? In the Foreword to the second volume of Ages (spring 1956) I will explain the delay of the book as the result of my wish to see the test performed, and will challenge the archaeologists to provide the material for the analysis. Actually I will do it already earlier: in my forthcoming (November, by Doubleday), “Earth in Upheaval.”

If some new idea shall come to you, as to who. University, Museum, or private source, would sacrifice the necessary pieces of organic material, you will certainly keep me informed. In the meantime, have my many thanks for your trials on my behalf. At the final count, it will be on the behalf of archaeology, which will either get rid of a nuisance such as Velikovsky’s theory, or will have a new chronology.

Very cordially,
Immanuel Velikovsky