By name

January 18, 1957

The Chairman
Department of Physics
Princeton University

Dear Sir,

A copy of a document is enclosed “Tests and Measurements Proposed for Inclusion in the Program of the International Geophysical Year,” dated “Princeton, Dec. 5, 1956,” and with the words “From Velikovsky via H.H. Hess” written at the end.

This document was handed to me for comment after passing through so many hands that its origin is completely obscure to me.

With reference to paragraph I, the measurement of the strength of the terrestrial magnetic field above the upper layers of the ionosphere is in the U.S. IGY program. At present five rockets are assigned to the experiment, and the third earth girdling satellite will carry magnetic equipment.

With reference to paragraph 2, a study of lunar librations with geomagnetic pole movements is not included in the IGY program, but may possibly be done later after the IGY magnetic data are available.

The other paragraphs 3 to 7 give suggested experiments which are not included in the U.S. IGY program. These experiments, except 6 & 7, are concerned with micro-magnetic analysis. Such experiments and ideas were quite familiar to our Panel on Geomagnetism, and as I recall were discussed to a considerable extent. We decided that they could be done by individual investigators, and did not require international cooperation. Therefore, they did not fall readily into the general character of work which was considered appropriate to IGY programs.

Yours very truly,
(signed) Edward O. Hulburt
Senior Scientist, USNC-IGY,
also Chairman,
USNC Technical Panel on Geomagnetism