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March 2, 1964

Dear Mrs. Fuhr:

I received from Dr. Elizabeth Ralph the long awaited report and I send you a photocopy. As you see the carbon age is half-way between the orthodox (14th century) and the revised (9th century) dates for Tutenkhamen. In her estimate Miss Ralph did not take into consideration the age of the timber at the time of its use for the tomb. I inquired of her whether or not the two kinds of wood were tested separately. Anyway, the result is in the desirable direction and the adherents of the conventional time table have to explain why the age of the trees is younger by centuries than the presumed date of Tutenkhamon’s entombment. . .

If you are going to write to D. Wiseman, let him know the results of the now performed test. You have played an important role in obtaining the samples. All of it reads like a very adventurous tale.

Immanuel Velikovsky