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January 21, 1963

Ilse Fuhr
Munich, West Germany

Dear Mrs. Fuhr:

Possibly you would be able to perform an important task while you are later in February in Cairo. Prof. Butrus Abd al Malik of Princeton University (Arabic) wrote yesterday to Dr. Zaki Iskander Hanna, the Chief Chemist of the Egyptian Museum (Cairo Museum) that you will visit him. He wrote that a friend of his (he purposely did not mention my name) is interested to perform radiocarbon test on a piece of the mummy of Ramses III for an important work on chronology. (In case it is impossible for him to supply us with a little piece of mummy, then we will need to acquiesce in a piece of wrapping from the mummy—the mummy was rewrapped under the 21st Dynasty.) Prof. al Malik is a friend of Dr. Hanna. . .

In the meantime I may visit in Philadelphia and see whether it will be possible to arrange the test there. The University Museum in Philadelphia (University of Pennsylvania) is the central place for analyses on Egyptology by radiocarbon. Generally it would be preferable that the specimen travel by air from one museum to another in order to avoid later any discussion of contamination.

It would be a great achievement should I be able to include in my forthcoming Peoples of the Sea a section on radiocarbon (performed) test.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with my British publisher (at the office of my American publisher)-they are very eager to have the manuscript of Peoples of the Sea. The lack of any test covering the period was one of the reasons why I have been so slow in producing the manuscript. . .

Immanuel Velikovsky