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March 3, 1964

Dear Mr. Fischer:

I thought that your answer of December 10 to my letter of November 6 would need no sequel. But I should not withhold from you the yet unpublished result of the carbon test of ca. 25 grams of wood from the tomb of Tutenkhamen. I enclose a copy of the letter I received from Miss Ralph.

I hope that the span of 1680 to 300 B.C.E. in conventional chronology will be submitted to more tests and I wish to believe that the Metropolitan Museum will not keep itself out of this effort only because of having disposed of large quantities of archaeologically suitable material to private hands and other museums, as you have explained in your letter.

Tutenkhamen could have been put to rest in seasoned limber but the wood used for his tomb could not have grown centuries after his death in the 14th century. Some ideas as to future tests are found in my previous letter.

Very sincerely,
Immanuel Velikovsky