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January 21, 59            
in the evening.          

Dear Dr. Federn:

     Yesterday before I mailed my letter, yours arrived, but I have not opened my envelope and here I write again.

     Since Amenhotep son of Hapu wrote in his biography about matters in a way that made difficult their understanding, and since we agree, both of us, that he most probably was the historical Tiresias, could not his text be interpreted in a way suggested by his role in the Theban cycle?

     I quote from “Eclipses of the Sun” by S. A. Mitchell, N.Y., 1923, p. 16: “Astronomy was thus of very old standing in Babylonia. The principal astronomical work called the Illuminations of Bel was compiled for the library of Sargon of Akkad; it was inscribed on 70 tablets, and apparently went through numerous editions, one of the tablets being in the British Museum. I treats among other things, on observations of comets, the pole star, the conjunction of sun and moon, and the motionsof Venus and Mars.” This author, though of academic standing, is not very reliable: thus he wrote that Berossus founded about the year 640 a school on the island of Kos, and that Thales was most probably his pupil. I have not heard anywhere else of a namesake of Berosus (who lived after Alexander) almost four hundred years earlier.

     In your letter I found a series of interesting and important information items. It is important to re-examine all cases where Osorkon (or Shishak) is accused of re-using Ramses II stones. I believe that the case is vice-versa. Where are these incidents? I remember reading about a temple of Osokon with cartouches of Ramses, and it looked to me as if Ramses put his cartouches on the walls of Osorkon’s temple.

     Is it so that your medical job may be discontinued, not just made dormant for a little while?

     About the Bel tables, do you think it would be worthwhile to inquire of Oppenheim, thus renewing contact with him?   

Warm regards from Elisheva. Cordially yours,                 

Im. Velikovsky

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