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[On February 25, 1964, Dr. Ralph wrote to Velikovsky, informing him of the following results*:

U. of Pa. Lab. No.


Age Calc. with
5568 Half-Life

Age Calc. with
5730 Half-Life


Wood from coffin of Tutankhamun, 18th Dynasty

1030 50 B.C.

1120 52 B.C.

P-725 Pieces of wood from Cheops Boat
2600 60 B.C.
2740 62 B.C.

She noted that the dates calculated with the 5730 half-life are the preferred ones, and that, according to Zaki Iskander, the historical date for P-726 is 1343 B.C. She further wrote that “Since we prefer to release only series of C-14 dates rather than one or two isolated ones, I have included a list and a graph of other C-14 dates for samples from Egypt which have been published previously.”]

*The letter is not reprinted here owing to the objection of the author.