By date

August 5th, 1975

Dear Mr. Morris,

Thank you for your letter of June 17th.

It suggests that, from the standpoint of conventional Egyptian chronology, the set-up is neat, watertight, and the very embodiment of heads-l-win-tails-you-lose:—

If an object is unquestionably XVIIIth dynasty in origin there would be no point in testing it; the result would be a foregone conclusion because the date is already KNOWN — it would, moreover, be a futile waste of time, energy and precious material! It follows that any object that is submitted for radiocarbon (or other scientific) testing MUST ipso facto be of doubtful origin. One is left wondering how long the Establishment can keep it up.

  Yours sincerely,
  John D. H. Iles, M. B., B.CH.