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24 April, 1975


Dear Sir:

The above is a photocopy of p. 19 (and the immediately preceding portion of p. 18) from the Winter 1973/74 issue of PENSEE, from Portland, Oregon.

I emigrated from Britain in 1952, but like many other emigrants I retain a great affection and respect for British institutions — especially the most stalwart ones like The Bank of England and (of course) The British Museum.

That the Museum would knowingly suppress facts or knowingly impede progress in its own line (as it were) is quite unthinkable — or should I say ‘WAS’ unthinkable?

I hope you will be able to reassure me that the matter has been rectified -that you have had the courage to “publish and be damned” . You might just as well with the cat out of the bag anyway, and what a nasty smelly fur-bearin’s critter it turns out to be!

Can you imagine an H. M. Bateman cartoon of the Egyptology Department in a state of shock!!!

  Yours faithfully,
  J. D. H. Iles, M. D.

P. S. If no reply is received, it will have to be assumed, alas, that none is possible. O tempora! O mores!