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January 29, 1973

Dear Dr. van Oosterhout

Stephen Talbott, the editor of Pensée, has referred your letter of January 3 to me for reply. I am the coordinator of a Carbon 14 project which is sponsored by the Foundation for Studies of Modern Science. Inc. The project is being conducted by the Applied Science Center for Archaeology of the University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania. They have been working along with the British Museum in obtaining data for the project.

Enclosed you will find a copy of a letter dated April 6, 1971, from Dr. I. E. S, Edwards, the keeper of Egyptology at the British Museum, addressed to Dr. Henry N. Michael at the University Museum, University of Pennsylvania. You will note the reference on page 2 to the samples #BM-642A and #BM-642B in which you expressed interest. I have for some time been quite curious as to why these results had not been published ii. “Radiocarbon.” In a conversation which I had last October will) Mr. Burleigh, the director of the laboratory of tire British Museum, he slated that he expected that the results would be published “shortly.” Upon further questioning, he admitted that results which deviate substantially from what is expected are often discarded and never published. It is my personal opinion that that is what happened in this case.

Just for your further information, the #BM-658 and #BM-659 results differed from the University of Pennsylvania results from the same samples by more than three sigma.

I hope the enclosed information answers your questions. I would be most pleased if you would send me your reaction to the above information.

I travel to the Netherlands quite frequently. Perhaps we could meet sometime for a discussion, if yon think that that might be profitable.

  Sincerely yours,
  A. Bruce Mainwaring