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April 4, 1961

Dear Miss Burton:

Some time ago I wrote your museum inquiring if Dr. Einstein had ever made a request for samples of the New Kingdom in Egypt to be subjected to radiocarbon tests and if the request was ever granted, Your letter (a copy of which is enclosed) indicates that the Museum never received such a request. In a technical sense this is correct but I have been able to obtain a photostat of a letter written by Dr. Einstein’s secretary making the request in his behalf shortly after his death. I am not out to “prove” anything one way or the other but I am greatly interested in this period of history and it is strange that in over 15 years (since the method of carbon dating was developed) few if any tests have been conducted on samples dating from that period, whether from your Museum or from others. Also enclosed is a photostat of the letter written by Miss Dukas.

  With kindest regards,
  Warner Sizemore